Observational report, November 1 0100 UTC

Local time, Halloween. UTC: November 1st, 0100.

Transparency excellent, seeing fair.

Third magnitude stars easily seen.

Comet clearly seen with naked eye. Does appear slightly fuzzy.

Through 10 inch telescope, with 2" E-lux eyepiece. There is a single star-like object on the NE edge of the central, bright coma. Central coma evenly distributed. The halo - on the NE side, the edges of the outer halo are well defined and sharp. On the SW side, the edges of the outer halo fade away. The halo is slightly smaller on the SW side. Outer halo has no gaps, etc - it is evenly distributed.

With 32 mm eyepiece, no barlow. The fading on SW side is more pronounced, the NE side - the sharp side is still sharp, and more so with averted vision.

With 32 mm and a 2x barlow. Comet covers 1/4th FOV. Hint of mottling in outer halo on NE side. Central coma is still evenly distributed.

With 12.5 and no barlow. Comet covers 1/2 FOV.

With 12.5 with 2x barlow. Comet completely fills the FOV. Averted vision - the nucleus appears elongated, possibly a double that is not quite splitting.

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