The Zombie Galaxy - or is it Zorro's Galaxy? NGC 3718

NGC 3718 has some dark lanes, common to many galaxies.  What is unusual is that from my perspective, and perhaps yours, it looks like someone has cut a "Z" across the galaxy.  It reminds me of the Mark of Zorro - or perhaps it is a suggestion that this galaxy is full of zombies!

It was discovered by Friedrich Wilhelm Herschel  in 1789.  Located in Ursa Major, it is part of the M109 Galaxy Group.

This image was taken with the remote controlled telescope Slooh.com


Supernova in Galaxy 6dFGS gJ135603.2-433432

When you are looking at a galaxy that is designated with the outrageously long name: 6dFGS gJ135603.2-433432, then you know there is something strange or unusual happening in that galaxy far, far away.  In this case, we are looking at a supernova, which is designated PSN J13560419-4335099.  The possible supernova discovery by E. Conseil was reported on May 6, 2014.  It was not visible on images made in April - was someone really looking at this galaxy as recently as April?

The image below was taken with a half meter scope - is it possible for it to be visible to this telescope WITHOUT the supernova?