These two images were taken this evening, using the remote controlled telescopes on Mt Teide on the island of Tenerife in the Canary Islands. The first image was taken with a Televue 85 APO refractor, which shows about a 5 degree field of view. The magnification is about 50. It captures what I'm able to see with my own eye looking through a 10 inch reflector at lower powers.

The second image used the 14 inch SCT, with a power of about 450. The image captures what the eye cannot see at that power. Notice the hint of trails coming from the nucleus? I've been able to see just a hint of one such trail, with averted vision, and with well dark-adapted eyes.

There are three ways I can use a 14 inch SCT with imaging equipment. One is to go to a friend's house who graciously lets me use this equipment AND who is patient enough to spend some time teaching me how to use the imaging equipment. The second way is when I travel and visit an astronomy club in Florida and use the club's equipment.
The third way is available to everyone. Check out Slooh.com. Anyone can sign up for a membership. Membership allows you to reserve several blocks of time in 5 minute increments. You can program the telescope to look at whatever you desire (as long as the object is at least 20 degrees above the horizon). You can also take images, such as those above.
You can also "look over the sholder" of others who have programmed their missions.
One of the best things about Slooh is the community. It is the only chat room I've ever felt was worthwhile. Folks there represent professional as well as beginning astronomers, and everyone there is glad to share in the teaching opportunities.

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