Comet Holmes Observational report, November 2nd 0200 UTC

Local time, November 1st.

UTC: 2007 November 2 0200 UTC.

10 inch reflector. 2" E-lux eyepiece: Most prominent feature tonight is a star in the background that Holmes occulted earlier tonight. It is still in the outer halo.

The comet is still large and bright. Still appears to have a star on the edge of the inner coma. The inner coma is uniform. No mottling. Averted vision adds nothing. Surrounding halo continues to have a distinct edge on the NE side. On the opposite side, the SW side, it fades away - but I don't believe it fades as much as it did last night.

With 32 mm eyepiece, everything looks sharper. I can see the stellar nucleus and the bright star it is passing through, which was visible with the 2". Now I can see a third star on the SW side. I can see that third star only with averted vision.

There is some mottling on the halo.

With averted vision, the inner coma takes on a hint of a oval shape rather than round.

32mm with 2x barlow: Fills about 1/4 of FOV. More stars become visible. Next to bright star in the halo, there is a second star, not nearly as bright. It is at this point that star is on the SE side. Distinct edge is still distinct. Again, averted vision reveals a hint of oval shape rather than round shape in the inner coma.

Definite mottling on outer halo. There seems to be rays or streaks radiating from the stellar nuclus.

12.5 mm with 2x: certainly takes the entire FOV. The inner halo is definitely oval.

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