Comet Holmes - Changing Nightly

Astronomy is a science that offers the unexpected delight at the most unexpected times.

Comet Holmes has been so different from any other comet I've ever observed. It was a nothing little comet that would swing around every 6 point something years and go largely unnoticed. On the way out from the sun, it brightened!

It has stayed bright and remains a naked-eye object.

Each night brings a wonderful moment of "wonder what it will look like tonight?"

Compare this image taken on October 31st ...

With this image taken on November 15th.

Here is the evolution of the comet taken at a low magnification - which is currently the best way to enjoy Holmes...


Edinburgh said...


Great blog

I have an 8" reflector in the garage that a friend gave me. I've never really used it, will this scope give me a good view of the comet? Many thanks

Good Shepherd said...

Yes, an 8 inch would be fine. Use low power, however.