Uranus In Motion and Comet Swan's Appearance

Using the remote telescope at www.Slooh.com, I have been tracking Uranus. I entered the same coordinates for several consecutive nights so the star field does not change. I then drew some simple lines among the stars to show the consistent patterns. Here are two images, with the one I took today inserted in the one I took 20 hours earlier.

I'm still spending a lot of time looking for and photographing Arp Peculiar Galaxies -- but maybe the Divas have convinced me to spend a little more time looking at asteroids.

I haven't seen Comet Swan from my backyard yet, but I was able to see it this evening with Slooh -- which is a remote controlled telescope off the coast of Africa in the Canary Islands. The image below was taken on 2006 October 17 at 1932 utc. That is another great thing about www.Slooh.com -- at 1932 utc it was still mid to late afternoon where I am.

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