NGC 6636

NGC 6636 is an interesting galaxy - in part for it's apparent proximity to a different galaxy.

First, about NGC 6636 - It is located in Draco and was discovered in 1836 by Lewis Swift.  I find the structure interesting.  Take a look at the center - there is the galactic core, but also two other similarly bright areas near the center - a clumping of light sources.  It has a nice apparent size and shape that is pleasing to the eye.  

But there is that star that looks like it might be  a supernova candidate - the kind that makes you google other images to be sure it has been there for a while.  It has - but it is not a star.  That is actually another galaxy. MCG+11-22-047.  Simbad says it is a Seyfert Galaxy.

Seyfert galaxies have quasar-like nuclei - meaning they are very luminous, distant and bright but unlike quasars, we can clearly see their host galaxies (although with Slooh.com it just looks star-like).

The galaxies get their name from Carl Seyfert, who first described their type in 1943.

The star like galaxy is in the upper left of the core, just on the edge of the upper spiral.

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