Just a quick note of celebration

Today I received confirmation of my Double Star Observing Club award from the Astronomical League. Included was certificate and a pin.

I keep my pins on my name tag that I have as a member of the Atlanta Astronomy Club. It goes around the neck, and it is beginning to get heavy :)

I do not have a pin for the Messier clubs. I'm not sure if I lost it, or if the League was giving pins for observing clubs back then.

To date I've earned 26 observing awards from the League. I now qualify to submit an application as a Master Observer, which I will do sometime this weekend.

I have earned at least one level of each observing club, except the observing clubs related to the Southern Hemisphere (although I am working on them - completion will take a trip below the equator), the Galileo Club (which is new), and the Local Galaxy Group and Neighborhood (which I'm working on).

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