Arp Galaxy 728

The Arp galaxies are often so dim, that a slight improvement in the skies can do wonders!

The top image was taken on September 4th, with a 12 day moon -- pretty close to full. The bottom image was taken on September 16th, with a 24 day moon -- still fairly bright, but not so bad.

The galaxy has a "V" shape to it.

This pair of 14th-magnitude galaxies lies in northwestern Pegasus, about 200 million light-years away. In the image, NGC 7253 B is the larger galaxy nearer the top, and NGC 7253 A is the smaller one, apparently on the bottom from this view point.

Observation notes:
2006 September 16, 22 hours 52 minutes local time.
Sky -- excellent. 4.5 out of 5. Dark sky.
5 minute exposure on 3 megapixel CCD.
14 inch Schmidt Cassegrain Telescope with 3910mm focal length.

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